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Connect with Government CISO leaders investing in next-gen solutions to safeguard against emerging threats

In an ever-changing threat landscape, Government CISOs are on the frontline, grappling with complex challenges that range from thwarting state-sponsored cyber espionage to safeguarding sensitive citizen data. The urgency for next-gen solutions to defend against emerging threats is palpable. The pressing question is, how to identify effective solutions in a crowded cybersecurity marketplace?


The CyberGov Leaders Summit offers a specialised platform for cybersecurity vendors like you to cut through the noise. This event is more than just a platform for pitching products; it's a strategic forum where your solutions can be contextualized within the immediate and future challenges faced by government CISOs. Here, value isn't just showcased – it’s proven, experienced, and understood.


Over two days, attendees will connect and exchange ideas, best-practices and cutting-edge solutions with thought leaders, leading case studies, their peers, and tier-one vendors. The ultimate goal is clear: to enable government security leaders to strengthen cybersecurity resilience, readiness and response.

Top Priorities Expressed by Our Attendees

  • Identity Access Management & Digital Identity

  • Data Governance, Protection, Loss Prevention & Encryption

  • Network, Cloud, SASE and Endpoint Security

  • Threat Intelligence, EDR & XDR, APT and Prevention

  • Artificial Intelligence & Emergent Technologies

  • Data Security and Privacy

  • Incident Response Planning and Strategy

  • Phishing Simulation Tools

  • Regulatory Compliance and Governance

  • Zero Trust Architecture

The CyberGov Leaders Summit is not just another tech event; it's a targeted gathering that brings together 150+ government security leaders and vendors offering proven, value-driven solutions. Unlike an expo, 75% or more of the audience will be influencers or decision-makers from the government, striving to utilise technology to safeguard against emerging threats.


This focused approach means sponsors target the key people that matter, from the organisations that matter.


ROI before, during and after the event for Sponsors

Whether your marketing priorities are to create awareness, capture demand or retain clients, there's a tailored sponsorship package designed to maximise ROI… including account-based targeting, digital promotion pre- and post-event, 1-2-1 engagement, bespoke networking, a showcase area, and speaking opportunities at the event.


With a dedicated in-house Client Success Team, we're focused on delivering value and maximising every sponsor's investment.


For more information, download the Prospectus:

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